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Seasons of Love (Season 3 Version)

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Title: Right In Front Of Me

Summary: Kurt and Sebastian are getting married.

This is a secret santa present for vermivora who wanted kurtbastian fluff. I hope you like it, there is a fair bit of angst at the beginning to trigger the fluff, hope that’s okay <3 Merry Christmas!

Thanks so much to honeydewkisses for beta’ing <3

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ficlet: I’ll keep you warm in December (Kurtbastian, PG-13)


It’s still dark when Sebastian wakes up. It’s early December, of course it’s still dark, but the fact that it’s cold, too, alerts Sebastian to the fact that Kurt isn’t beside him. Not that Kurt being absent is weird in itself, it’s not like they live together, but it’s a Sunday, and Kurt usually stays over on weekends. Sebastian shifts, and he’s still slippery, so yeah, Kurt definitely stayed over this weekend, but he’s… not in bed. He squints at the door, and it’s dark in the hallway, too. That’s unusual. Kurt usually turns on all the overhead lights as he makes his way through the apartment, no matter how harsh they are on Sebastian’s eyes. 

Did Kurt leave? 

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FIC: Plug N’ Play - part 2/2 (Kurtbastian, NC-17)


Malin is giving me a brilliant christmas present, and she wanted porn in return. This is for her.

Warnings: dirty talk, barebacking, comeplay, slut-shaming, spanking, usage of toys, possessive behavior, D/s dynamics. It’s pure PWP, not even the slightest hint of a plot. 

part one is here

“You are unbelieveable,” Kurt growls and tighten his grip around Sebastian’s wrist, dragging him behind but not looking at him. “Un-fucking-believable.” He doesn’t so much as wince when the colder air outside the club hits them, and he completely ignores Sebastian’s gasp. He rounds a corner and slams his boyfriend up against the brick wall, pressing his wrists above his head. 

“We went here together and you’re currently plugged up and filled with my come, and you still think it’s a good idea to flirt with other guys?”

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FIC: and build a lego house (Kurtbastian, PG)


Written for the Kurtbastian Week Challenge, the fluff category. 

It starts at Rachel’s engagement party. Or, it probably starts well before that, but it’s at Rachel’s engagement party that Sebastian realizes it. 

Kurt wants more. They’ve been dating for two years and he wants more. He hasn’t said anything, and Sebastian knows that he won’t, because Kurt threads the area that is their relationship with outmost care. He doesn’t push Sebastian, at all. He’d learned not to the hard way, when he’d entered the relationship and made Sebastian feel like Kurt expected them to kind of pick up where Kurt and Blaine left off. It’d been a rough couple of months before they figured out their grounds, Sebastian making it perfectly clear that he didn’t want to be pressured into anything in this, his first real relationship. 

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Title: Falling into the denouement

Pairing: Kurtbastian

Note: I needed a little fluff…

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fic: worth the aggravation


Kurt is definitely not dating Sebastian. Except that he is.

Rated R for light sexual content (but what’s a masterbation fantasy between friends).

‘Welcome home, kiddo,’ says Burt, putting Kurt’s suitcase down at the bottom of the stairs. Kurt follows him through the front door, looking around the familiar surroundings and letting out a little sigh of contentment. There is always a certain pleasure in coming home, no matter how much he loves New York. This is the first real break he’s spent in Ohio in nearly two years; instead of dropping in for two days, he’s here for two whole weeks.

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fic: so happy i have you, nc-17


an: i’m upset about klaine so i figured i’d write some terribly dirty kurtbastian smut to make myself feel better enjoy lovelies maybe it will help you too~

warnings: bp!kurt(ooh who saw that coming lol), face-fucking

“Come on, Kurt, it’ll be fun,” Sebastian mumbles, kissing along his boyfriend’s jaw.  ”You know you’ve thought about it.  Don’t even try to deny it.”

Whimpering, Kurt throws an arm over his face.  ”Can’t we just…can’t we…ugh.”

Flashing a cocky grin, Sebastian pulls back and tugs at Kurt’s arm.  He dips down for a quick, sweet kiss.  ”You know you want to.  You’re just too shy, even though we’ve done worse before…”  He trails of suggestively and swipes his tongue playfully across Kurt’s bottom lip.

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Random Word Drabble: Articulate


Word: Articulate
Pairing: Kurt/Sebastian
Rating: T
Summary: teacher!Kurt. Sebastian really liked how his name sounds when Mr. Hummel says it.

A/N: Hmmm. Somehow, I figured this to be longer.

Sebastian tapped his pencil against his notebook as he stared out the window of his French class. He was so thankful that this was his last year of high school. As nice as his school may be, he really just wanted to leave Ohio and go study in Colombia and get lost in the bright lights of the city.

As the last of the students shuffled into the classroom, he glanced outside the window. Last year when he transferred into Crawford, he had heard a lot of the seniors speak highly of the AP French teacher, Mr. Hummel. Good looks aside, Sebastian had heard that he was not only incredibly young, but also a great teacher. Crawford, being a private school, was already full of pretentious assholes who diligently did their work while slyly cutting down those they believed where beneath them. Apparently, though, Mr. Hummel didn’t take any bullshit from anyone and would just as quickly cut you down with his witty remarks.

However, no one really knew much about the man outside the classroom. He was hardly present in the dining hall and spent all the time he wasn’t teaching or in his office in his own suite in the staff building.

The mindless chatter came to an abrupt halt as the door that connected the classroom and Mr. Hummel’s office opened. Sebastian peered to the front of the room and felt his jaw drop slightly.


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Rating: Mild NC-17 (I guess)

SummaryIf you are lucky enough to have lived in Paris as a young man, then wherever you go for the rest of your life, it stays with you, for Paris is a moveable feast.

A/N: I don’t know what this is. Basically a my head canon for Kurtbastian, broken down into a cracky 800+ words.                

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